MoonCatcher menstrual disc comes in two sizes: Small and Large.

How do I choose size?

The good news is:

You don’t! 
Both sizes are included when you buy MoonCatcher
mooncatcher disc sizes

We know that other companies claim that the flow or height of cervix should be determining factors when choosing size of menstrual discs but when we made enquiries with midwives here in Sweden we learnt that the only way to know if it’s a right fit is to try. These midwives have experience of fitting contraceptive diaphragms in women. Diaphragms use the same vaginal anatomy to stay in place as menstrual discs.

Your body is unique! The size and shape of the vagina can vary during the different days of your period. We encourage you to experiment with the two sizes of MoonCatcher. Perhaps one size fits better at the start of the period and the other is more in sync with your body at the end. Maybe your vagina prefers one size over the other during the whole period. Please use the first periods with your MoonCatcher to get to know the sizes and how they work with your body. We encourage you to use a back-up such as a pad or period underwear in the process of exploration.

If one of the sizes of MoonCatcher is a perfect match for you, please feel free to give the other MoonCatcher to a friend and help them to also have healthier, zero-waste, save-money periods.

Here is some advice:

If the smaller disc can’t be tucked to stay behind the pubic bone please try the larger disc.
If the larger disc tucks well behind your pubic bone but dislodges after some time, please try the smaller disc.

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