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MoonCatcher menstrual disc

Welcome Menstruator!

MoonCatcher menstrual disc is not just another menstrual product. It is an opportunity to get to know your flow and your body. By using a MoonCatcher disc you will discover more about and make friends with your vaginal anatomy. This will help you to be proud of your fantastic body and to embrace all of its functions including your periods.

Remember: You are on this earth to go beyond your wildest expectations of yourself; You are here to catch the moon. Don’t let your period stop you!

What is mooncatcher?

A birchtree heart

MoonCatcher menstrual disc is a shallow, wide and flexible bowl made from 100% medical silicone.
Prior to insertion the MoonCatcher disc is pinched by the middle so that it becomes about the size of a tampon and is then placed high up in the vagina to collect menstrual fluid for up to 12 consecutive hours.
No suction is needed to keep the disc in place. When the MoonCatcher is full, just remove, empty and rinse it in water. It is now ready to be reinserted.




Made from 100 % medical silicone. Phthalate free, latex free, BPA free. Hypoallergenic.

Mess-free sex during your period

The MoonCatcher menstrual disc sits high up and does not block the vaginal canal.

Easy and quick insertion

The MoonCatcher menstrual disc does not need suction to be leak-free and to stay in place. You will insert it in less time then it takes to unwrap a tampon.

Up to 12-hour leak-free protection

depending on your flow. The same disc can be used for heavy and for light flow. Two sizes are included in each package for you to find your perfect fit.


Use it while sleeping, swimming or exercising (or during any activity, really :-))

Less waste

One MoonCatcher disc will last for years and you will help to save the earth.

Save money

Imagine not having to spend any money on pads or tampons for years to come.

Does not affect the vaginal flora negatively

Does not leave fibers or chemicals in the vagina.

Great capacity

One MoonCatcher holds as much as 2-3 tampons and more than a regular menstrual cup